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De ABC’s voor gezond kroeshaar

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Er gaat een wereld voor je open als je net besluit om je natuurlijke krullen te dragen. Water, conditioner, sealen, moisture komen ondere andere voor in de ABC’s voor kroeshaar. Hoe houd je kroeshaar gezond? Bekijk hieronder 26 handige tips om je natural hair journey aangenaam te maken!

A= Aloe is a great adddition or substitute for water in a spray bottle

B= Botanical ingredients make for happy hairabc afbeelding

C= Cleaning and conditioning should be regular occurances in your regimen

D= Detangle with patience and care

E= Elongation (or stretching) of curls comes from styling technique not products

F= Frizzy hair can be tamed with cool rinses after conditioning and drying hair with a tshirt

G= Growth occurs at an average of half an inch per year

H= Heat protectants help prevent hair from heat damage

I= Incorporate one new product at a time to determine it’s effectiveness

J= Journaling can help you keep track of your hair goals and progress

K= Know your hair’s likes and dislikes

L= Love your hair for everything it is and everything it is not

M= Moisture comes from water, not products

N= Nighttime ruotines should always include a satin head covering or pillow case to retain moisture

O= Overnight conditioning is over kill and can create limp, lifeless hair

P= Patience is the key to a happy, successfull hair journey

Q= Question potential stylists until you feel comfortable with their expertise and ability

R= Resist the urge to try every single new product you hear about

S= Sealing with natural oil helps to retain moisture in between washes

T= Trimming is the key to retaining length

U= Undo tight ponytails or other restrictive banding to prevent stress on the hairline

V= Vitamins are helpful when diet is lacking

W= Water is your hair best firend, inside and out

X= (E)Xpect and embrace bad hair days

Y= Yoghurt is an excellent source of protein for DIY conditioners

Z= Zinc deficiency can lead to hair loss


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